C1100-XR Floor Cleanout with Heavy Duty Round Adjustable Coveer and Plug


MIFAB® C1100-XR Series adjustable floor cleanout with lacquered cast iron body and anchor flange, secondary “O” ring Test Seal, 4” diameter cleanout opening and round heavy duty square scoriated combined cover and plug top assembly with stainless steel vandal proof allen key screws and primary gasket seal. (For membrane floors, add Suffix -C for the membrane clamp.).

SKUs: C1102-XR, C1103-XR, C1104-XR, C1105-XR, C1106-XR


Series C1100-XR
SKU C1102-XR, C1103-XR, C1104-XR, C1105-XR
Function Used in unfinished floors with heavy load traffic such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities to provide emergency access to the plumbing lines for removal of blockages. Replacement of the surface level cover/plug with the neoprene gasket glued to the underside provides visual evidence that the cleanout has been properly resealed to prevent harmful sewer gases from entering the building.