T5000-158 1 5/8″ Wide, Aluminum Trench Drain Body & Grate


MIFAB® T5000-158 Series 1 5/8” wide, 3 7/8” deep, 40” long, (or length as needed), non sloped trench drain system. Body is manufactured from 14 gauge aluminum and has a 1 1/2” wide anchor flange on each side recessed 1 5/8” down from the top. Bodies have flanged ends to connect to each other with a neoprene rubber gasket in between. Grates are manufactured from 14 gauge aluminum and are supplied with grate lockdown hardware for each grate to secure to the body. End and bottom outlets are available in 2” no hub outlet connections and are fabricated as part of the trench drain system. Available with membrane clamps (Suffix –C) as required.

SKUs: T5000-158


Series T5000-158
SKU T5000-158
Function Used around pool, residential and landscaped areas that require surface drainage in shallow (only 3” 7/8” deep) excavations. The lightweight body aluminium body provides for long life. An infinite number of body sections can be assembled together to serve any requirement. 45 and 90 degree body sections are available. Compatible with vapor barrier applications.