T1800 12″ Wide Stepped FILCOTEN Concrete Trench Drain System


MIFAB® T1800 Series 12” wide, 39.40” long, stepped slope or neutral FILCOTEN® trench drain system. Body is manufactured from a fibre-reinforced concrete based material. Bodies have interlocking ends, a radiused bottom for efficient liquid drainage and multiple anchoring ribs to securely hold the body into the concrete foundation. Each body is manufactured with an integral 5mm thick, extra heavy duty, cast iron rail. End and bottom outlets are available in 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8 or 10” no hub outlet connections (specify outlet size). The grate provided is an extra heavy duty ductile iron (Load Class E) grate. Grates are secured to the body with four bolts per grate. End caps and catch basins are also available (See T1800-CB1220).

SKUs: T1800N, T1810N, T1820N


Series T1800
SKU T18000N, T1810N, T1820N
Function Used in commercial areas such as factories, warehouses, parking garages, car dealerships, gas stations, public and residential areas, parks, sports complexes, town squares, railway stations and cycle and foot paths. Ideal for environmentally sensitive areas because the body channels are free of resins, heavy metals, VOC and all chemicals. Exceptional adhesion to surrounding concrete foundation due to the concrete composition of the body channels – resulting in a monolithic all concrete installation. Less breakage during transport and installation due to impact resistant, fibre-reinforced, UV resistant and non flammable concrete material. Extra heavy duty integral cast iron rail allows for heavy duty, hard wheel traffic applications.