T1330-FL 6″ Wide, Presloped, Fabricated Steel Trench Drain System


MIFAB® T1330-FL Series 6” wide, 40” long, (or length as needed), presloped (1/8” per foot) modular trench drain. Body is manufactured from 14 gauge steel and finished with an acid resistant powder epoxy coating. Each body has a 3” wide anchor flange on each side recessed 2 3/4” down from the top. Bodies have flanged ends to connect to each other with a neoprene rubber gasket in between. End and bottom outlets are available in 2”, 3” or 4” no hub outlet connections and are fabricated as part of the trench drain system. 20” long, Class E, H-20 ductile iron grates are provided as standard (Suffix –4) along with grate lockdown hardware for each grate to secure to the body. Class A, B, C, D and E grates are also available.Catch basins are also available.

SKUs: T1330-FL


Series T1330-FL
SKU T1330-FL
Function Used in precast construction pours. Extra wide 3” anchor flange is designed to install over precast concrete slabs. Standard 2 3/4” depth from the anchor flange to the top of the drain allows for concrete to secure the drain system within the slab.