R1100-EU Small Sump Roof Drain for Insulated Roof Deck


MIFAB® R1100-EU Series lacquered cast iron roof drain with anchor flange, cast iron waterproofing membrane clamp ring with integral gravel stop, adjustable cast iron extension flange, underdeck clamp and standard self-locking polyethylene dome strainer with a free area of 43 square inches.

SKUs: R1102-EU, R1103-EU, R1104-EU, R1105-EU, R1106-EU


Series R1100-EU
SKU R1102-EU, R1103-EU, R1104-EU, R1105-EU
Function Used in any type of flat roofs and gutters. 8” diameter body is ideal for applications with limited space. Dome provides for efficient drainage of rainwater and prevents debris from entering the drain line. Adjustable extension system can be adjusted to the thickness of insulation on top of the roof deck without the need for gaskets. Body is elevated off of the roof deck eliminating the need for the bearing pan or sump receiver. Anchor flange and membrane clamp with tongue in groove design provides for secure grip of membrane and roof flashing materials.