P7040/P7060 Stainless Steel Fabricated Cleanout


MIFAB® P7000 Series (specify P7040 to cover 4” pipe and P7060 to cover 6” pipe) round heavy duty floor cleanout manufactured out of 16 gauge, Type 304 stainless steel with three stainless steel screws to fasten to pipe. Standard with ANSI rated “Heavy Duty”, Load Class “C” solid Type 304 stainless steel cover with a load rating of 5,000 to 7,000 lbs. Load Class “D” and “E” covers are also available.

SKUs: P7040, P7040-29, P7060, P7060-29


Series P7040/P7060
SKU P7040, P7040-29, P7060, P7060-29
Function Used in industrial, commercial, kitchen and other hygienic areas, such as finished floors to provide emergency access to the plumbing lines for removal of blockages. Heavy duty, Type 304 stainless steel construction provides for ease of cleaning, maintenance and sanitary installation.