P6120-ELD Elevator Trench Drain


MIFAB® Series P6120-ELTD for Elevator Trench Drain, 12” wide, 16 gauge fabricated Type 304 stainless steel presloped trench drain (1/8” per foot) with slotted, Load Class “A” Light duty stainless steel ADA compliant grates. Free area of 23.00 square inches per 1’ section. Square bottom bodies have flanged ends to connect to each other with a neoprene rubber gasket in between. Bottom and end outlets are available in 3”, 4” 6” or 8” no hub outlet connections (specify outlet size) and fabricated as part of the trench drain system. Also available with optional anchor flange (Suffix -FL).

SKUs: P6120-ELTD



    Current Catalog: TDSS-2016