MI-750 Tailpiece Trap Seal Primer with Braided Connecting Hose


MIFAB® MI-750 tailpiece trap seal primer, polished chrome plated cast brass body with bottom cleanout, gasketed ground joint elbow with 1 1/2″ tailpiece, 1 1/2″ slip nuts and washers, 1 1/4″ slip nut and washer for 1 1/4″ sink tail piece installation, escutcheons, braided hose primer tubing, and compression fitting.

SKUs: MI-750


Trap Seal Primer Type Tailpiece
Series MI-750
SKU MI-750
Function Used to collect condensate from air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. The condensate drains by gravity through the piping to the tapped inlet on the fixture side of the MI-750. The braided hose drains the condensate from the trap to a line connected to the trap seal primer tapping in floor drain bodies to maintain the trap seal and to prevent harmful sewer gases from entering the building area.