R1200-JD-STR Large Sump Roof Drain with Extension Hardware and Sump Pan- New or Replacement


MIFAB® R1200-JD-STR Series lacquered cast iron large sump 15” diameter roof drain with anchor flange, large cast iron water proofing membrane clamp ring with four bolt pattern, integral gravel stop and standard self-locking cast iron dome strainer with a free area of 103 square inches. W/A8-BP-STR lacquered 18 gauge sump pan 30” x 30” and HS-8 hardware.

SKUs: R1203-JD-STR, R1204-JD-STR, R1206-JD-STR


Series R1200-JD-STR
SKU R1203-JD-STR, R1204-JD-STR, R1206-JD-STR
Function The units assembled together provide a roof drainage system w/ a extension range of 3/4” to 8” to accommodate for specified insulation heights provided by the roofer. Slots provided around the base of the sump pan permit the installer to secure this system to the top of the deck. The R1200-JD-STR is professionally designed for new and replacement installations.