F1840 Planting Drain W/9 Adjustable Tractor Grate with Stainless Steel Ballast Guard

MIFAB® F1840 Series lacquered cast iron planting area drain with anchor flange, cast iron membrane clamp ring with primary and secondary weepholes for waterproofing membrane, stainless steel ballast guard, and standard 1” (25) thick, 9” (229) round, (specify material finish) tractor grate.

SKU: F1842, F1843, F1844, F1845, F1846


Series F1840
SKU F1842, F1843, F1844, F1845, F1846
Function Used in areas such as flower boxes and others where water is required to drain through the soil surrounding the drain. Perforated standpipe allows for sub surface drainage of water. The stainless steel ballast guard prevents fines from entering the drain line. 9” round, adjustable tractor grate is set at ground level and permits the drainage of excess surface water. Membrane clamp is provided to secure the waterproofing membrane.