• How Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) is Disrupting the Trench Drain Industry
    Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) is a composite material manufactured using glass-fiber reinforced polyester pressed from sheet molding compound (SMC).
  • NEW MIFAB Representative: Pinnacle Sales
    I am pleased to announce that effective June 20, 2022, MIFAB’s representative in the states of Ohio, West Virginia and the area of Western PA will be Pinnacle Sales
  • INT-2022-06 Price Increase
    the INT-2022-06 has a List Price increase range of 4% – 14% depending on the interceptor model and size. e new INT-2022-06 HDPE interceptor and acid neutralization tank product booklet goes into effect June 20, 2022 and replaces the INT-2022.
  • 99 Problems but a Pitch Ain’t One
    One of the most repeated hardships I hear traveling the country is, “I draw-in my Roof Drainage Systems last because they are large diameter pipe and sloping. That is always the first thing I need to figure out how to reroute when changes come in on the job.”
  • New MIFAB Representative: Philip J Lynch Company
    I am pleased to announce that effective June 13, 2022, MIFAB’s representative in the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut will be: Philip J Lynch Company
  • NH-2022-06 List Price Increase
    On June 13, 2022, MIFAB’s new NH-2022-06 Coupling Catalog goes into effect, replacing the existing NH-2022 Coupling Catalog. The NH-2022-06 is being printed and will be distributed soon.