ASPE CEU Approved

MIFAB offers the below ASPE approved Continuing Education Courses:

ACV Automatic Control Valves:
This course educates the importance of automatic control valves,
how they work and the different types of valves for each application.

The Importance of Backflow:
This course outlines how crucial backflow preventers are in a plumbing system
and how they are used. The course also outlines different types of backflow
devices and how they are assembled.

Guide to Siphonic Drainage:
This course educates on the benefits of using Siphonic drainage vs traditional gravity.
Attendees will be able to understand a new method of roof drainage that utilizes smaller
diameter pipe running with no pitch, a more efficient roof drain which leads to an overall safer
roof with less penetrations, and lastly a look at how to utilize Siphonic drainage to be
compliant with changes to code regarding sizing the roof drain based on GPM.

Guide to Interceptors:
This course educates on why there is a need for interceptors. Attendees will be able to understand
the different types of interceptors and benefits of each material, the methods used for sizing
interceptors, and how an interceptor effectively separates the material. The presentation shines light
on the differences between gravity vs. hydromechanical interceptors before ending with the
differences between IPC and UPC code requirements.

Trench Drains:
This course is an overview on trench drains and how they are important in a plumbing system.
This course outlines different types of trench drains, how to choose the correct trench drain
for your application and different load ratings and their meanings.

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