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Model # RPC12.00 RPC

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Specification: BEECO Style RPC Rigid Pipe Couplings provide a zero-flexibility combination of the piping system. The angle-pad design of 60 degrees adjust to steel pipes and roll/cut groove tolerances, positively clamping the pipe to resist flexural and torsion loads. Angle pad design and swing-over installation permit assembly by removing one nut/bolt and swinging housing over gasket, reducing assembly time and effort.

Function: Used in both fire protection lines and water distribution pipe lines and is compatible with Water, Diluted Acids, Oil Free Air, Waste Water, and High Temperature vapors.

2 ½” - 4” 750 P.S.I., 5” - 6” 700 P.S.I.
8” 600 P.S.I., 10” 500 P.S.I., 12” 400 P.S.I.
Reducing Couplings 300 P.S.I.

Material: EPDM
Temperature Rating: -30°C to +110°C; -20°F to +230°F.
Applications: Water, Diluted Acids, Oil Free Air, Waste, Water, High Temperature Vapors, etc.
Design: “C” Type Gasket Standard design, provides a pressure responsive, leak-tight seal in both pressure and vacuum applications without the aid of external forces.
Ductile Cast Iron conforming to ASTM A536, Grade 65-45-12 equal to QT 450-12.
Surface Finish: Standard Dip Painted.
Optional Fused Bonded Epoxy Coated in Various Colors
Vacuum applications without the aid of external forces.



Rigid Pipe Coupling
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