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Model # PVB1.25-QT PVB

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Specification: Anti-Siphon Pressure Vacuum Breakers prevent the reverse flow of polluted water from entering into the potable water supply due to backsiphonage. Designed to stop contaminated water from entering into the potable water supply. . Designed for use under continuous pressure. Assembly shall provide protection where a potential health hazard exists. It shall consist of bronze body construction, plastic check valve seat, stainless steel springs, a bonnet with silicone rubber O-ring seal, silicone rubber check valve disc, a lightweight plastic disc float, handles to shutoff water flow to the valve, and test cocks for winterization draining and testing.

Maximum working water pressure 150 PSI.
Maximum working water temperature 140° F.
Hydrostatic test pressure 300 PSI.

Main valve body Cast Bronze ASTM B584, Fasteners Stainless Steel, 300 Series.
Elastomers Silicone (FDA approved) , Buna Nitrile (FDA approved), Polymers Polypropylene (FDA approved).
Delrin® (FDA approved), Springs Stainless Steel, 300 series.

Features: Vacuum breakers are not designed, tested or approved to protect against backpressure backflow. For protection against backpressure backflow, install Beeco FRP Device Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Assembly. The valve must be installed with the supply connected to the bottom and in a vertical position. The valve should not be installed where spillage will cause damage. Be sure adequate space is provided for yearly testing and service as required by your local codes and standards. The valve should not be installed in an area where freezing can damage the valve.

Optional Variations:
Low Lead      -LL


1 1/4"

1/4 Turn Shutoff Valves
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