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Model # PG2.00-0-160-T-.25 PG

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Specification: BEECO Pressure Gauges are designed for use in residential, commercial, industrial and HVAC applications. Accuracy to ASME type B with a copper alloy NPT connection in various sizes and ratings.

Function: The BEECO Model Pressure Gauges are used for all suitable air and liquid systems for medium which does not clog connection ports or corrode copper alloy. Can be used in all water applications and can be used in both pneumatic systems and compressed air systems.

Features: Gauges come in ranges from 0-30 psi up to 0-300 psi. In Top, Bottom and Back mounting options.
In both 1/8” NPT and 1/4” NPT connections.

Operating Temperatures Ambient –40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C).
Class: F+ 3/2/3% (ASMA B40.100 Grade B), Kl 2.5 FOR 1/1/2" & 2", Kl 1.6 for 3" & 4"
Vacuum compound 0 to 60psi Accuracy

Case: Black Painted Steel, Window Acrylic (glass, acrltic glass, polycarbonate), NPT
Connections: Brass
Movement: Semi-Brass, Pointer: Aluminum, Dial: Aluminum, Bourdon Tube: Copper Alloy.



Top Entry Pressure Gauge, 2" Face, 1/4" NPT
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