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Model # FDC4.00-OSY-S FDC [2 1/2"-10"]

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Specification: The BEECO Friendly Double Check Backflow Preventer Valve is designed to stop the reverse of flow of a liquid into a potable water system. The proper installation of a backflow preventer must be done by a certified expert under local codes and guidelines to assure the protection of the drinking water system. The Valve shall be certified to ASSE 1015, CSA B64.5 and IAPMO listed.

Function: The assembly shall consist of two repairable positive seating check modules with captured springs and rubber seat discs. Service of all internal components shall be through a single easily removable cover and designed for ease of access.

Features: Single access cover for fast service, Swing away clamp for ease of removing checks, Modular design reducing number of spare parts, Self contained check so there is no pressure to relieve when changing the seats.

Ratings: Maximum working water pressure 175 PSI, Maximum working temperature 140° F, Hydrostatic test pressure 350 PSI, Flanged end connection meet ANSI B16.1 and all grooved dimensions comply with AWWA C606.



OSY Resilient Seated Shutoff Valves, Flanged with a Strainer
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