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Model # AV3.00-MS AV-MS - Air Release and Vacuum Break Valve

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Specifications: The standard Beeco Air and Vacuum Valve (K) exhausts large quantities of air when the system is filling. The valve will remain open until the liquid has reached the float and is lifted into its seat, closing the valve. Likewise when a vacuum occurs, the float will drop, allowing air into the system to prevent pipe collapsing due to the negative pressure.

Features: The Beeco Combination Air Valve (KA) performs the same function as the standard (K) series allowing large volumes of air in and out of the pipeline as air accumulates or as vacuums occur. However, the (KA) series allows smaller volumes of air to be released, as well. This valve is furnished with a top float and bottom float. Air bubbles can form in a pressurizedsystem from open sources and pumping vortexes which will accumulate at high points in the pipeline. The accumulated air forces the liquid out of the valve chamber, so that the floating force of the bottom float decreases. The bottom float then drops, allowing for the trapped air to be vented through a small nozzle located in the top float.

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