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Model # ACV16.00-HF-EL ACV-HF

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Specification: The Automatic Control Valve shall be a Ductile Iron Body and Cover design. The Valve shall have a resilient seal disc, guided top and bottom; Bottom guide will be vanes, sliding in a stainless steel seat arrangement, single seated line pressure operated, diaphragm actuated, pilot controlled, valve. The valve shall seal by means of a stainless steel seat. All parts are to be replaceable in the field without removing the valve from the line. All flange dimensions including face to face lengths shall conform to ISO Standards.

Function: Through the interchangeability of operating pilot the Beeco ACV can be used to perform any hydraulic control function such as pressure control and regulation, flow control, water level control, remote electric control and other functions or combination of functions. During the closing procedure, the pace slows down automatically, reducing or mitigating the risk for water hammer or surges in the line.

Features: The capability to regulate “near zero” flow, completely eliminates the need for special low flow devices such as throttling or plug type valves and there is no need for a low flow bypass valve. The internal floating shaft, allows for no friction or leakage eliminating the need for shaft sealing. The unique design of the shaft provides for easy field maintenance. All control ports are protected with Stainless Steel inserts. Valve shall have the ability to easily convert to a double chamber valve when needed, without changing the internal mechanism. Valve Trim shall be able to be serviced and lifted by hand, with no lifting machinery. Standard valve has a very low Cavitation Index without the need to add Anti-Cavitation devices. The High Flow Series is a great choice when exceptionally high flow capacities at low pressure losses are desired. Our valve is energy efficient by incurring minimum headloss at very high flows. Just install, set and forget. In addition, an extremely low cavitation index makes this valve an excellent choice for most demanding situations, with minimal noise and high reliability for the long term.

Ratings: Flange Standard ANSI B16.1 Class 150, 250 PSI rating, Operating Velocity of 18 ft/sec, Water 33° F to 180° F. 350 psi rated valves are available upon request.



High Flow, Electric Actuated
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